Whois Au – Check Details of an Australian Domain

What is a ‘whois’ check?

Running a whois on an Australian domain (.com.au) will bring up information relative to that particular domain. It can help you identify information like who the owner & registrar of that domain is. It also contains information like ABN (Australian Business Number) or ACN (Australian Company Number).

How to perform a WHOIS check.

  1. Enter the domain (without the ‘.www’)
  2. Enter the captcha word and click submit

Google Adwords – Will it work for me?

How does Google Adwords actually work?

Advertisers compete against one another for keywords that relate to their product or service. The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount an advertiser is willing to pay each time their ad is clicked on when displayed on the Google results page in the advertisements. This is usually above the organic listings or to the right hand side of them.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is essentially the name given to the Google Adwords campaigns that operate this way. If you want to see results immediately and drive traffic to your website fast, Pay Per Click Adwords is the best way to do it. In order to have an effective PPC campaign however you need to know how Google Adwords works and how to choose the right keywords.

The best way to ensure your PPC campaign is maximised to its full potential it’s recommended that you contact an Adwords Service Provider in Sydney, someone who lives and breathes Google Adwords. Nothing beats expert advice especially when it comes to Google.

Here are some important things you need to know before launching your PPC campaign:

Quality Score

This is what Google uses to determine how useful your ad is to the person searching for any particular keyword. It takes into account the relevance of the information, the landing page and CTR (Click Through Rate).

Negative keywords

These keywords ensure that when certain information is included by a user in a Google search, your ad will not appear. Negative keywords are used in a way to make sure your ad does not appear for them.

Exact match

These keywords are only triggered when a user has searched Google using the the exact keywords in a consecutive form which match keywords in the same order. Unless defined prior, no other combination of keywords will trigger your ad.

Phrase match

When a user searches using a keyword phrase that is identical to your phrase, your ad will be triggered. While other words can be included by the user before the phrase, they can not be used after or within the keyword phrase.

Setting up your campaign to maximise ROI

The reason why businesses entrust their Google Adwords campaign to an Adwords Service Provider in Sydney is because it’s with expert advise in the initial set up phase of your campaign, that will heavily influence the level of success you achieve through Adwords.

If you are looking for the experts in Google Adwords in Sydney, look no further than Roosearch. Contact us online or call +61 459 78 5514.


Domain Transfer Epp Code Authorisation Code

Note: this service will only work for .com.au domains.

Any time transferring a new domain name between registrars or transferring the actual possession of your domain name, you may be required to provide a Domain Authorisation code. Domain authorisation code is also known as an auth code, an EPP code, or simply as a domain password. The quickest and easiest way for you to retrieve your EPP / domain auth password is to follow the below link.

You will need to enter the desired domain name without including the ‘www.’ below.


WordPress 404 Quick Fix

Quick fix: Re-save permalinks in WordPress settings

If your WordPress website has been working flawlessly and all of the sudden your links to pages &/or posts do not work, there could be an issue with your websites permalinks. The quickest and easiest way to fix this issue would be to re-save your permalinks.

How to fix it

Navigate to: WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks: Click “Save Changes” (See screenshot below)

What happens next?

This re-saves the current permalink structure and in a way refreshes the permalinks.

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