Social Media For Business

There’s a lot of information available if you’re willing to spend the time searching the internet. You can find almost any social media statistic that you want if you put in the effort.

We thought we’d make life a little easier for you by doing the hard work and making it easy to read in this presentable infographic below.

For any business owner wanting to crack social media, you can use this as a cheat sheet to plan your posts and content and ensure you keep it relevant to your audience.

For example, if you want to post onto Twitter, consider the following insights: Twitter is all about news and brand connection. So, it’s an excellent idea to research trending hashtags that relate to your content. Make sure it’s timely, and most importantly, be yourself! In addition to that, your primary audience on Twitter is aged 24-35….and more likely to be female.

We suggest using these social media statistics before creating your next post, it works!!

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Australian Social Media Landscape

It’s hard to deny the relevance of the internet today and how fast it continues to evolve. The social media landscape in Australia is no exception. Here we provide a high-level overview (which is also very insightful) to help you see just how relevant social media and the internet is in 2016.

The most interesting thing to note is the rise of mobile phone usage. Of the 24mil Aussies (of which 15mil use social media) there’s a whopping 13mil getting social on their phones.

What does this mean for your business? For us, it’s more important than ever to focus on how to utilise social media to reach our audience.

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