Facebook Advertising. Boost vs. Business Ads Manager

Facebook ‘Boost Post’

If you have tried boosting Facebook posts before from your business account, you will most likely have noticed one very specific thing. You get reach from paying for a boosted post, but your followers don’t seem to increase. This is nothing you have (or haven’t) done. This is just how it works. Sure, if your content happens to go viral, which is very unlikely unless it’s truly brilliant content, you will get new followers, but even after this, you might not get customers from those new followers. In a sense, these new followers are just waiting for your next viral sensation to go live so they can share it and look good to their friends.

So, should you continue to boost posts, or should you head down the path of Facebook Business Manager Ads?

Yes. You should do both. Why?

Boosting posts is still a great way to increase brand recognition. However, if you want to target the people you want as your customers, you need to create ads through your business manager.

Base Your Spend on Your Goals

Your goals for the money you spend will decide what form of advertising you should use. This goes for physical as much as it does for digital marketing. There is no point doing a pamphlet drop in a city 1000 kilometres from your business if you are trying to get people into your store. That theory works in Facebook advertising too.

Localised marketing is crucial if that’s where you want your new customers to be. If you want new website visitors to convert to new customers, you can target your Facebook business manager to run ads to get these people (from any part of the world) to the place you want to sell.

What Better Options Are Available?

Facebook ads offer far better options for businesses on who you can reach and what options your potential customers have when they see your ad. These options include clicks to your website, page likes, installation of apps, event responses, website conversions, video views, offer claims and local awareness. The best option for Facebook ads, however, is the Call To Action button options. The CTA allows anyone, anywhere, to ‘download,’ ‘sign up,’ ‘shop now,’ or ‘contact us’ with the click of one button. This is an excellent lead generating option that will get the right people clicking where you want them to go.

Still not sure which one is right for you?

If you already have a clear objective of what you want to achieve with your advertising budget but aren’t sure exactly how to do this, contact us today to see how we can help.

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