The Benefits Of Using Elementor To Build Your WordPress Website

There are millions of plugins for your WordPress site, all with their own unique functions and capabilities. Each plugin works differently to the next to help you create the most unique site possible for your brand.

When it comes to page building, it can be quite daunting if you aren’t a developer, and if you are building your whole website, or even just new sections from scratch on WordPress, some page builder plugins stand out. Elementor is one of those page builders.

What is Elementor?

Elementor WordPress plugin is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin. But what does this mean? Elementor gives you a separate and unique interface that allows you to create pages, posts, and customised posts. When you arrive at your ‘create’ page on the backend of WordPress, you will have the option available to create the post or page with Elementor or the old-fashioned WP way. It takes over the entire page building process, allowing you to create using custom layouts for pages and content, without needing any HTML, CSS, or PHP skills whatsoever.

Not only does it work through the backend, it works through the front end, so you can see exactly what it looks like as you create it. The best part is that it overrides your current WordPress theme capabilities, and even if you have the cheapest option available, this means you can do whatever you want with your website and make it more attractive and functional than you can imagine. It also works with every single WordPress theme available.

What Are The Biggest Benefits Of Elementor For WordPress?

Impressive Content

The biggest benefit from using Elementor WordPress plugin, is that you can create very impressive layouts for your pages, unique structures for your site content and you can create a practical, functional website that looks far better than a standard WordPress website.

Budget Conscious

When your website budget is small, and you can’t afford an expensive website designer, Elementor allows you to create a site of high enough standards that it will look almost as good as if you hired an expensive professional.

Easy to Use

Elementor is extremely easy to use, even if you don’t have web building experience. Not only can you easily create your page and content layouts from scratch, but there is also a large range of ready-to-use templates and page designs available. And, not only are these templates ready-to-use, but they are completely customisable too. You can tweak them as much, or as little as you like to create the exact results you want for your website’s design. Not only can you edit and use them, but you can save them as your own templates to use for your next page.

Live Preview

As previously mentioned, when you create your page with Elementor, you are creating it in a ‘what you see is what you get’ build. It features a live preview, which allows you to see exactly what your page will look like once it is published. So, there are no surprises.

Drag and Drop Functionality

You can move your content sections (also known as blocks or widgets) around in a drag and drop function. This means you can put any content, anywhere. If you’ve struggled with this in your previous WordPress theme, you will understand the beauty in this function. This includes every type of content that is supported by the Elementor plugin. This includes things like images, image galleries and carousels, headlines, text, videos, dividers, spacers, buttons, testimonials, social media icons, and way more.

Elementor also allows you to have full control over how your site looks on desktop computers, tablets and on mobile devices. There have been over one million downloads of Elementor, giving you a bit of insight into how popular this plugin actually is.

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